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Colorado Continental Divide Panoramic Summer View

A 180 scenic summer panorama view of the Colorado front range Rocky Mountains Continental Divide above Denver and Boulder. Summer View. This is a very large 30 image panorama done in HDR. Due to sized this image has been scaled down from the original. This is a cropped version.

The Continental Divide of the Americas (also known as the Great Divide, or merely the Continental Divide) is the principal, and largely mountainous, hydrological divide of the Americas. The Continental Divide extends from the Bering Strait to the Strait of Magellan, and separates the watersheds that drain into the Pacific Ocean from those river systems that drain into the Atlantic Ocean (including those that drain into the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea), and along the northernmost reaches of the Divide, those river systems that drain into the Arctic Ocean.

Though there are many other hydrological divides in the Americas, the Great Divide is by far the most prominent of these because it tends to follow a line of high peaks along the main ranges of the Rocky Mountains and Andes, at a generally much higher elevation than the other hydrological divisions.

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Colorado Continental Divide Panoramic Summer View