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Early morning springtime scenic landscape view of a country red barn and tractor with the majestic snow capped Rocky Mountains front range towering in the background. Colorado is home to towering mountains and flat plains. Soils in the eastern plains regions and the valley of the western mountains are the most fertile in the nation.

Colorado ranks first nationally in production of proso millet. This annual grass is grown as a grain crop and is used for bird and livestock feed.

By far, cattle and calves are the most important commodities to the state of Colorado. With over 60% of the state's total agricultural receipts provided by cattle and calves. Dairy products are also an important Colorado product, with the production of hogs, sheep and lambs, and eggs contributing.

The most important commodities within the crop group are corn for grain and greenhouse and nursery products. Wheat and hay are also important. Potatoes complete the list of Colorado's top five crops.

Agriculture contributes over $7 billion dollars to the Colorado state economy annually. There are more than 105,000 jobs in Colorado related to agribusiness.

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