Striking Photography By James "Bo" Insogna | Arizona Nature Landscape | Photo 172

The Praying Monk" is a rock formation on the side of the famous Camelback mountain that sits in between Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona. From the first time I saw this I was always fascinated with it and thought It would make a great spiritual shot with lightning striking. This is a shot that I worked on for three years to get. This is the real deal. I can not tell you how many times I went to my spot on the top side of this mountain and got nothing. This night was one of my most scariest nights chasing lightning. Nothing like being on the top of a huge rock with a metal tripod trying to get a shot for three years. This storm circled the mountains and swung around the back side and came back around to me. This was a very exciting night of chasing lightning. After this, I took off and did the chase to north Scottsdale. This is one of the images in this series. ©2011 James Insogna .com

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