Medicine Bow Lake View

Scenic lake view of the Medicine Bow Snowy Mountain Range in Wyoming west of Laramie. The Medicine Bow Mountains are a mountain range in the Rocky Mountains that extend for 100-mile from northern Colorado into southern Wyoming. The northern extent of this range is the sub-range the Snowy Range. From the northern end of Colorado's Never Summer Mountains, the Medicine Bow mountains extend north from Cameron Pass along the border between Larimer and Jackson counties in Colorado and northward into south central Wyoming. In Wyoming, the range sits west of Laramie, in Albany and Carbon counties to the route of the Union Pacific Railroad and U.S. Interstate 80.

High elevations, peaks and lakes dominate the southern and northern reaches of the range, with lower, forested ridges being the mainstay in between. The range features 18 peaks over 11,000 feet and includes 9 over 12,000 feet, with 12,951 ft. Clark Peak being the highest.

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Medicine Bow Lake View